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Grants and financial help of Erasmusplus for learning Spanish in Spain.

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The school of Erasmusplus you find in Granada, surely
the most beautiful city of Spain
on Andalucían ground of light and happiness.

Granada has it all: Snow, sun, beaches, tropical,
monuments, history, culture, atmosphere
universities, tapas, and is very lively.
It is the ideal city for students.

To come to Granada there are two airports:
one in Malaga and one in Granada, with cheap flights during
the whole year.

The Albayzín
The school you find in the marvelous medieval historical area of the Albayzín of Arab origen declared as a World heritage by UNESCO.

The building of the school is a “ Moorish house” from the 16th century, known as the "Casa del Cáliz" because it was restored in 1624 for a Castilian judge who build a beautiful baroque stairs with a dome full of nobilities emblems and one cáliz emblem. In the basement, exists a wine bodega from the 17th Century with ecological wine from ´la Contraviesa´.

Vista a la Alhambra
Vista al Instituto
The school also posesses 2 other buildings with terraces, fountains and beatiful views of the Allhambra.
The classes
Groups and levels
The classes are very practical and dynamic. Everything you learn in Spanish you practice orally in class following a direct method of no translation.

The objectives of the class are that the alumnos learn perfect Spanish following different skills that the INSTITUTE CERVANTES suggested for preparation of the Official Spanish Exam D.E.L.E..

The teachers are young and adequately motivated to the students. Hapiness and a good atmosphere reigns in the classroom.

Each hour class is 45 minutes long.

The first Monday of each course
there are no classes. It is dedicated
to language testing, administration
and information.
Every week there are starting new courses during the whole year. Since the absolute beginners level until the more advanced levels of Spanish.

The students make a test on the first day of class and, according to their knowledge, they are appointed to a group of maximum 10 students who are around the same level as theirs.
The subjects are various and
diffirent according to the levels.

In the more basic levels you learn the language and you advance through conversation and vocabulary.

For the superior levels and perfectionation you work on commenting texts, grammar, put into practice and to apply Spanish: Commercial, tourism, social, legal, scientific.

The education for the higher levels are completed by Civilization, Culture, Literature, History et cetera.

In the summer the themes are more variating and dynamic. And during the rest of the year and the longterm courses the themes are more profound and specialized with home work and exams every 2 or 3 weeks.

There are classes between 09.00h. and 22.00h. The students have class variating from in the morning, in the afternoon to in the morning and afternoon. Every week the class schedules can be different depending on the formation of the groups.
Program of activities
Depending on the number, the participation, and the interests of the students, the school organizes several parties, visits or cultural acts.

In any case the school suggests and informs the students about the possibillities of leisure and cultural activities.

Moreover the school provides entertainment, music, newspapers, magazines, a library and recreational games.

Parties and excursions
Besides the parties, tapas tours and going out, the students
can also make excursions to some of the most beautiful
parts of Andalucía: Sevilla, Córdoba, Ronda, Tarifa, Natural park of Gata,...
and to some of the most spectacular places of the Province of Granada:
Sierra Nevada, La Alpujarra, the troglodytes villages of Guadix and Baza,
and of course, the Granada beaches, the Tropical Valley of Almuñécar
and the slopes of the Río Verde waterfalls.
Actividades Erasmusplus
Diplomas y Certificados Erasmusplus
Internet, DVD-Dolby Prologic and library

The school provides computers with internet connection
for free from 9.00 h. till 24.00 h. every day. There is wifi internet
in all the 3 school buildings. In most bedrooms there is also
internet cable connection.

The internet is very important since all students
will be using it daily to realize their work for class.

The video room in which we offer DVD-Dolby-Prologic provides excellent
cinema sound and subtitles to see movies from the Spanish cinema.

The library posesses a great representation of the contemporary
and classics of Spain and Latin American lliterature.
The books from the library are on loan free of charge.

Diplomas and certificates
At the end of the course all students will obtain a certificate of participation of the course. When the grades and your performance in class are good you receive the Diploma of Erasmusplus.

For those students who will be taking the Official Exam Spanish their preparatory classes will be free of charge. And those of the D.E.L.E. course are entitled to the exam paid by Erasmusplus as part of their financial help. The official diploma will be awarded by the CERVANTES INSTITUTE to those who pass.

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