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Grants and financial help of Erasmusplus for learning Spanish in Spain.

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How to register for a Spanish course of Erasmusplus
Inscribirse a un curso es tan fácil como partirse de risa.
In differ from any other school,
is that the first to do is:


The webtab "GRANTS OF ERASMUSPLUS" is the main page
where step for step is shown how to reserve your grant.

The 100 € that you pay in order to receive the grant
is a down payment of the bill for which you receive a CERTIFICATE
OF THE GRANT which guarantees you in writing the grant
and the financial help signed and sealed by Erasmusplus.
One copy by email and one original copy by mail.

Once you have your grant, you will have all
the time you need to decide the date of your course.
When you have done that, you return to this Web and on the
main page you fill in the kind of course and
accommodation. You choose the type of course, you write the date
of your course, you choose the type of accommodation, you write
the date of accommodation, and with all this information formulated
you click SEND.

Just as soon as we receive the information we will make your bill
of your course and accommodation where will appear the grant,
the financial help and the 100€ down payment, deducted
from the total amount.

The initial date of the course is always the first Monday and
the end date of the course is always the last Friday.

For the accommodation you write as the date of arrival the
first Sunday and as for the date of departure you write the last Saturday.

If for any reason you need to arrive at the school a day
earlier or leave a day later, then please write this apart
in the box of COMMENTS.

On this page you have a step by step summary on how to register for a course. If there is anything you do not understand, then please send us an email or call us.
Cómo inscribirse a un curso con una beca Erasmusplus
In order to do an Intensive Course Spanish with
an Erasmusplus grant you only need to follow the following steps:

To transfer a down payment of 100 € to the account of Erasmusplus:
International Banking Account: 0094 70 0500194192
Number IBAN: ES34 0075

    Within 24 hours Erasmusplus sends you your reserved grant, signed and sealed, which guarantees you the grant and financial help for your course and accommodation, just like that you have your course placement for the date that you choose.
    To decide the date for the course and accommodation and communicate this via e-mail, telephone, fax or mail to Erasmusplus.
    You will receive the bill of your course and accommodation from the CEE in Granada with the grant of your course, the financial help for the accommodation … and the down payment of 100 € deducted from the normal course and accommodation price.
    Once the grant and financial help are deducted you need to pay the rest of the amount via bank transfer or in cash upon your arrival at the school before the starting date of the course.
    The economic help that you have for the trip, leisure/culture and the pick up from the airport to the school will be given to you when you arrive at the CEE.
    Attached to your bill you will receive travel information for your trip until the school.

Thousands of students have already studied Spanish with Erasmusplus grants
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