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Grants and financial help of Erasmusplus for learning Spanish in Spain.

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Erasmusplus gives grants and
financial help to all students
(and non - students) who want to learn
Spanish in Spain.

Erasmusplus is a non – profit organization
with friends from all over the world, whose only
objective is to promote the learning
of the Spanish language in Spain, giving
to all an opportunity to do
a Spanish course in Spain for not too much money.

With the grants of Erasmusplus you will gain economic help of 200 € - 300 € every 4 weeks for whatever Erasmusplus course.
Economic help
Erasmusplus helps you economically with:
The accommodation : from 50 € to 100 € per month
depending on the type of accommodation
you choose.
Culture bonus: from 20 € to 100 € for excursions
and visits to monuments.
The flight: we pay you in part or in whole your round trip ticket to Spain.
The official Spanish exam::
We pay for you the D.E.L.E. exam and
the preparatory classes of the official Spanish
exam for those courses like the D.E.L.E. course
and the Academic course .
The pick up to the school: We pick you up from the
airport of Malaga or Granada and bring you
by car directly to the school or we pay you
the bus or taxi costs.
Becas Erasmusplus

And remember that the 100 €
serves for formalizing the grant..

It is only an advance
which will be deducted,
just like the grant
and financial help,
from the final bill.
How to get a grant?
It is very easy.
You do not need to meet any requirements.
The grants are for everybody!
    APPLY via:
    Transfer 100 € as a down payment for the course to the account of Erasmusplus:
ES34 0075 0094 70 0500194192
    Within 24 hours you receive your signed and sealed grant certificate, which guarantees you the economic help from Erasmusplus.
    From then on, when the grant is yours
you will have all the time you need
to decide which course to choose.
    When you decide your course you let us know
via email or telephone and
you will receive the COURSE CONFIRMATION and the
with the grant
and economic help, alike all the
information for your trip until the school.
    If you cannot do the course, for whatever
reason, you do not have to worry, the grant is always
valid for the next years
and transferable
to any other person.
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